Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not a Care in the World at the 2008 Tupper Lake Tinman

The drive, as always, was brutal. The night before the race was endless because of the preparation. It didn't help to have a group of people throwing off massive fireworks right by the room. I was going to go out, ask them to keep it down and stop the fireworks, but I looked at my watch as it struck 10 p.m. What a ‘B’ I would be to ruin their fun time for my beauty rest for a race I don't care about. So I just tolerated the loud volume despite feeling like I was in a war zone for 30 minutes. The morning was the typical: stretch, eat, and check my bike; and then we were at the race site within 20 minutes. I felt strange; I don’t know whether I was feeling sick from a cold brewing or uneasy knowing this is all training for something bigger. I unpacked in the transition area and got everything together with ease. No tension or nervousness was left in my pit of my stomach. However, Joel was as tense as always. I started 2 waves before him.

The swim started, and I was swimming with ease. I did get tackled, yanked, and the best part: a foot in my goggles! It was with such force that my goggles were sucked in my eye. Then I got pissed and started swimming a little faster to get away from these people! I drank a gallon of water but couldn't seem to get passed these people swimming in circles. As I exited the water, I WALKED, not ran, to my bike. You can see my T1 time is 6:46 minutes. What was I doing? Having a cup of coffee? Oh yes, it's a training day.

I looked at my watch and said I better move my butt... So off I go on the lovely bike ride. It was the first time on my zip wheels. I am still as slow as anything. Zip or no zip, race bike or no race bike - biking is not my thing. But I felt really comfortable, and I kept the pace all in my zone 2. I entered the transition and again WALKED to my spot. My T2 was 5:54 minutes. I was having another cup of coffee.

I started the run very easy and effortlessly. Last year at this particular race, the run was where my foot started giving me problems. So as I pounded the pavement and felt no pain, I was so relieved. I passed so many people, and you hear them say "Go get them". In the second half of the run, I stepped it up to zone 3. I probably could have done that from the start, but I was sticking to my plan. I kept on saying "It's a training day". I did pass this girl, and she was not happy I guess. She tried so hard to pass me because I heard her hard breathing and steps on my tail. I held on and finally couldn't hear her breathing any more. She was no where to be found when I made a turn to see who was behind me. At this point my hamstrings and buttocks were screaming with pain, but I held on to the finish!

The thought passed continuously in my crazy brain that I'm doing this again in 3 weeks x2. How will I survive?!?! As I sprinted toward the finish line, I passed this guy named Joe, and he pleaded "Don't do this to me". I said "You got that right - Let's go"! Well, he got me. We high fived, and he thanked me for pushing him. Joel greeted me at the finish. I was delirious and drained. I guess being sick didn't help much. I told poor Alan, who will be at Lake Placid Ironman cheering me on and will devote hours to wait for me, that when I cross the finish line we are going to party and drink. But after Tupper all I wanted was my bed. Alan, I will do all I can to have that beer with you after Lake Placid. I promise!!!

The Saga continues at Lake Placid

Contributed by TinWoman, HRR CO-Captain, Janine Leveque


Suzanne said...

Great report Janine, I can't wait to read the Ironman report in a few weeks.

Josh said...

Great recap TinWoman! You'll be IronWoman soon!