Thursday, October 4, 2007

Turned Up at the Tune Up!

What a fantastic day for an 18 mile run! Sunday, September 30, 2007, was the last of the longest runs for many a marathoner-in-training on the Hellgate squad. There was a fantastic cheering crew for us! We had Lauren on the lonely West Side and Jared, Janine, and Andrew on the East Side. Andrei unfortunately is nursing a sprained ankle so also stuck around to support us on to the finish!

There were of course some standouts in this race! We are happy to report that Soula completed her longest race ever and came screeching to a halt across the finish line at a 9:00 minute pace (1:42:14). Congratulations Soula, and we can’t wait to cheer for you in NYC next month! Meanwhile Ben finished at a blistering 6:29 pace (1:56:48) to come in 11th in his age group and 23rd overall! Amazing!

Also those royals from the Queens Half ruled again! Mary turned out an amazing race finishing 2nd (2:14:07) in her age group while Suzanne placed 4th (2:18:36)! They are unstoppable! Eamonn also displayed just how strong he is with a 2:14:15 finish. Mary managed to nip him in the last mile, but Eamonn threatened revenge in the Staten Island Half in 2 weeks! (Place all bets with me!)

Check out the results on the
NYRR site! And check out those smiling faces below! Another weekend race with amazing photos by Jared!

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