Friday, July 27, 2007

RUN... Swim and Bike Too!

Hellgate sure “TRI’d” hard last weekend in 4 multi-sport event and one classic Race for Central Park 4 miler. As usual there were stellar performances had by all Hellgate participants. First off on Saturday, July 21, NYRR held its annual Run for Central Park. Following not too far behind the 2nd place finisher and adopted Hellgater, Mustafa, were Nick, Bex, Ljubomir, Jovana, Amye, and Andrew. See the NYRR site for their impressive race results!

Now for the multi-sport events on Sunday, July 22nd! First off was Chip’s FIRST triathlon! The newlywed crossed rivers to West Windsor, NJ, to compete in the NJS Sprint Triathlon. The 500m swim, 13.5 mile bike with tricky turn arounds and hills, and the 5k run couldn’t wear Chip out! He finished in a remarkable 1:17:36; his splits were 9:59, T1 4:38, 40:38, T2 2:34, and 20:00! Chip said that he learned a lot that will help him improve his transition times as well as working out details like catching your breath on the bike. He also said “coming out of the water was the most surreal, exciting experience; one of the highlights of the day for me.” He also had an edge in the 5k being a runner first, passing “a ton of people” to help him finish 27th over all! Not too shabby, Chip!

Next on the lineup for Sunday was the Long Beach Biathlon! Mary went back to try and hold her title as No. 1 female finisher. This year it was not to be however. Not that Hellgaters like excuses, but an 18 mile run the day before might have tuckered her out a bit. Mary still managed to navigate this 5k run followed by a ¼ ocean swim in 3rd place overall and 1st in her age group! Levi also participated and put in a valiant effort as usual! A bit of drifting kept him from catching our fearless captain, Suzanne, however!

Suzanne woke up early that day with intentions of cheering Mary and Levi in Long Beach, but somehow her bathing suit and sneakers followed her to Long Beach! Suzanne did her first biathlon on a whim – breast stroking her way to a 5th place in her age group!

The popular NYC Triathlon was also held this beautiful Sunday morning! Raul made his way through the Olympic length course with his usual smiles and ease that we all strive to imitate! He finished with a fantastic 2:53:34! Way to go! One of the many Hellgate couples competed too and proved their mettle yet again. Patricia and Brian put down great times for the 1.5k swim (in the Hudson River), 40k mile bike (up the West Side Highway, and 10k run (through Central Park). Patricia finished in 2:50:00 flat. The Hellgate Blog thinks there is a story behind Brian’s 2 hour penalty! Fantastic showing guys! Check out for more info and registration for 2008 opens on Nov. 1st!

And FINALLY, but most definitely NOT least: The Lake Placid Ironman! Competitors have to sign up a year in advance and spend those 12 months training! They complete 2.4 miles of open water swim, 112 miles of biking in the Adirondacks, and finally a 26.2 miles run, (yes, a full marathon). One of Hellgate’s own signed up, trained up, showed up, and raced 140.6 miles. Congratulations to Joel Rosenstraus, Ironman. He staved off injuries and doctor’s warnings to muster the guts and muscle to cross that finish line in 13:19:12. Check out his splits on the Ironman webpage. Congratulations Joel! Rest up!

-by Jessica Moeller


Anonymous said...

Well done hellgaters!! Who's head is that popping out of the water? Could that be our delightful Suzy? LOL LOL
Congratulations all, Janine

Suzanne said...

Well done Hellgaters and Jessica what a great write up.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, yes it was a great write up and I read it to Joel. He said" that was so sweet". He is resting and taking it easy for a while until next year!!!! LOL

Josh said...

What a great club!!!!