Sunday, May 20, 2007

Triple Events Score BIG for Hellgate

Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, proved big for the Hellgate squad.

Event 1: Healthy Kidney 10k

First off was the Healthy Kidney 10k on Saturday in Central Park! We had a great representation of the team's speed for this club points race without a few of our ringers! Several members found the day a challenge, but others flew! Janine suspected a distance pr while Nick and Bex ran their first club points race with pride! Ezra flashed his smile and speed while he's not whizzing around writing about cool places.

Jeff pulled a Mike Morrisey/Tony move by crossing over the start mats as the officials were picking them; he had a great run despite not being captured by the chips. Find out who else ran great and for all race results here.

Event 2: Queens Biathlon

Sunday at 8 am sharp, the annual Queens Biathlon was off in Alley Pond Park with the first of two 3 mile runs. Everyone made it back to the transition area with lightening speed to head out for the grueling 18 mile bike followed by, yes, another 3 mile run! Hellgate tore up the Bi with 13 participating.

Age group awards go to Mike Bishop, 3rd place, Joel 2nd place, and Alan, 3rd place. On the ladies' side Mary and Janine placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age group. It was a good day for all, some did their first biathlons (see Josh's blog for his unbelievable race story), others were testing the waters in preparation for future summer bis and triathlons! Click here for the full race results!

Event 3: Forest Park 4 Miler

While the Biathletes were happily exhausted, the annual Forest Park 4 miler began. This race has an amazing track finish which has proven advantageous for the Hellgate Team in the past. Will the new track bring another successful year? Of course! It was a beautiful morning deeper in Queens with Jared, LuAnn, and new poppa, Matt, cheering on the sidelines as Nick finish 13th and 3rd in his age group followed by Jeff in 20th place. Then Suzanne coasted in to finish 2nd overall for the women (1st in her age group) closely followed by Bex in 3rd place overall (1st in her age group too!). Don, Beverly, and Mike Morrisey finished within 7 seconds of each other! Nine teammates in total completed the grueling 4 miles with ease - Results. Great job!

-by Jessica Moeller

Photos by Jared Mestre

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Great job everyone!