Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 2007 Club Meeting

Hellgate Road Runners
Team Meeting Minutes

At 5:00PM on January 20th, 2007 the Hellgate Road Runners Club commenced a Team Meeting at the home of Jared and LuAnn Mestre, the sitting Club President and Vice President, respectively. What follows are the meeting minutes.

In Attendance were:

Yvonne Damm, Suzanne Hughes, Beverly Paulis, Tony Victorio, Josh Morphew, Mary Bogle, Andrei Volik, Adrian Longo, Jared Mestre, LuAnn Mestre, Jessica Moeller, Eamonn Keane, Levi Satcher, Alan Wagman, Jeff Leiter and Ximena Rosas.

First Order of business – Elections:
  • Jared Mestre will continue to serve as Club President
  • LuAnn Mestre will continue to serve as Club Vice President & Treasurer
  • Josh Morphew will serve as Secretary
Second Order of business – Women’s Team Captain:

Regrettably, after successfully serving as 2006 Women’s Team Captain Ximena Rosas will step down due to competing interests and a shortage of time.

Janine Leveque and Suzannne Hughes were nominated and appointed to serve as co-Women’s Team Captains

Third Order of business – Men’s Team Captain:
  • Tony Victorio will continue to serve as Men’s Team Captain

Fourth Order of business – Races:

Saturday, February 24th – Al Gordon Snowflake 4M (Club Points Race)
Sunday, April 29th – Thomas G. Labrecque 4M (Club Points Race)

Non-NYRR Races of interest:
  • Ocean to Sound Relay (Team TBD)
  • Need For Speed Relay (Team TBD)
  • Long Beach 10M
  • Cherry Tree 10K (DON’T BE LATE AGAIN!)
  • Long Island Marathon
  • Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati) Andre
  • Boston Marathon (Alan, others?)
  • Las Vegas Marathon (Suzanne, Others?)
  • Chicago Marathon (Levi, Others?)
  • Leatherman’s Loop

Triathlon’s of interest:
  • Tupper Lake
  • Tobay
Fifth Order of business – Membership Fee’s:

Due to increased costs of insurance it was determined that Membership Fee’s would increase to $20 or $25 in 2008. 2007’s Membership Fee’s will continue to be $10.

Sixth Order of business – Uniforms:

The inventory of Women’s uniforms has been exhausted. A group of Club members will visit Urban Athletics to choose a new singlet style manufacturer. Comfortable technical material is of utmost importance

To reduce the costs of production Men’s Uniforms will also be updated

It was proposed that a “competition” be held to design a Hellgate Logo. The winning design would be incorporated into the new uniforms.

It was proposed that the uniforms have some “Identifier” on the back. Suggestions:
  • “What the Hell?”
  • “Go To Hellgate”
  • “HRR”
The following items are also available for purchase:
  • Hellgate Hats (Blue with white lettering, white with blue lettering)
  • Men’s Singlets
  • Club Jackets
  • For pricing see Luann
Seventh Order of business – Team Meeting Schedule:

It was determined that Club Meetings should commence on a Quarterly basis.
The next meeting will take place in late March or early April.

Meeting Adjourned – 6:45pm


Suzanne said...

Very impressive Josh...does everybody know about this yet?

Anonymous said...

I did witness these notes taken on your writing pad and how you prepared it on this blog is very impressive. You didn't leave out one bit of information. Bravo Josh. I'm very happy you are our official Secretary. Janine

Anonymous said...

RE: It was proposed that the uniforms have some “Identifier” on the back. Suggestions:


Josh great work with the BLOG, I love it! - Meggie